Is a magic mushroom session for you?

Everyone is different and therefore everyone has his/her own reasons for choosing an individual magic mushroom session. The reasons vary from therapeutic, spiritual to creative. It is important to create a picture for yourself why you feel attracted to undergoing a truffle session. Most clients who choose for individual truffle sessions continue to do so for therapeutic reasons, especially against depression, social anxiety or addiction.

How we can help you

After the online intake you will receive an advice on what kind of session and dosage will suit you. From there you can schedule an appointment through the weblinks mentioned in the email with advice. In most cases we also indicate how much time you need for preparation, for example to improve your neurochemistry. Based on the intake we will check if there is an imbalance in the ratio of neurotransmitters (signal substances in the brain). In case of an imbalance we will give advice (supplements/nutrition/exercise) to obtain a better balance which will improve your mood and your truffle session. Furthermore, you can expect small assignments and reading and/or viewing suggestions so you are better prepared for the session and the ideas you have gained can grow into solutions.

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At which location can the magic mushroom session take place?

You can choose to come to our location in Schiedam for an individual truffle session. This location is suitable for individual sessions and groups of up to 6 people. To save costs or if you prefer, you can also have a truffle session at your home anywhere in the Netherlands. To give you even more options you can also choose to rent a hotel, holiday home or AirBNB and do the session there. Hereby more information:

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Prefer an open group mushroom ceremony?

At our location in Schiedam we organise monthly open group truffle ceremonies. Here you can participate in a ceremony with other (unknown) participants. Every ceremony has its own theme next to your own goals/themes. On the next page you can find the dates when these truffle ceremonies for groups will take place.

Open group mushroom ceremony

You can find the orignal message here:

Psiloflora: Magic mushroom session