Why attend a magic truffle ceremony?

The magic truffle ceremonies we organise have different options for different purposes. The largest group of people choose us for an individual truffle session at their home as therapy to treat for example depression, anxiety or addiction. Another group of customers like to participate in an open truffle ceremony at our location for spiritual reasons or self development. It is always good to consider why you want to participate in a truffle ceremony and whether you want to do this with strangers, acquaintances or individually.

Truffle ceremony as therapy (trip therapy)

The truffle ceremonies with extras

Most clients who request a truffle ceremony would like to work on their mental health. A truffle ceremony is an excellent way to do this, but we go further than that. After the application you will receive, based on the data you entered, nutritional and movement advice, possibly in combination with supplements. We can also provide tips in the form of reading books or watching videos. We do this because the result of a truffle ceremony will then be so much better. Together we go for the full benefit! The extra approach we call trip therapy is powerful against depression, burn-out, fears and addictions.

To enrich the truffle ceremony, these extras are used during the truffle ceremony.

  1. Aromatherapy
  2. Colour therapy
  3. Musical support

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Different doses of psilocybin during truffle ceremonies

During a truffle ceremony a journey to the subconscious will take place. This journey to the subconscious of yourself can be exciting, give new insights or be used as a very strong therapy against various psychological disorders. With the right preparation and setting during the truffle ceremony, we can achieve unprecedented results to grow in life.

After about 15 minutes after ingestion, the first effects are noticeable. The senses start working better. Colours become brighter, sounds more intense and the perception of reality changes. Depending on the dosage chosen in consultation, more changes in perception will take place. The higher the dosage, the higher the triple effect. Together with you, we will look at what is a suitable dosage for you.

Truffle ceremony Trip level Duration (h) Suitability
Low dose 1-2 2-3 Beginner
Medium dose 3-4 3-5 Beginner
High dose 4-5 4-6 Experience psychedelics
Heroic dose 5 5-8 More experienced

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Where can the magic truffle ceremony take place?

For individual magic truffle sessions and for self-assembled groups, you can choose to have the ceremony at your location or at ours. Both options have their own advantages. Our location in Schiedam is equipped for psychedelic sessions and there are (art) objects present that will stimulate the senses even more during the psychedelic session.

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Check out our location here: Psychedelic Loft Schiedam

Truffle open group ceremony

Attending a truffle ceremony that is open to everyone is becoming more and more common. Although in the beginning it seems as if you are going on this adventure with strangers, often a very nice dynamic develops between the participants. Psilocybin not only connects the brain better, but also the participants with each other.

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