Geometry and psychedelics

When you join a magic truffles ceremony or during the rise and landing of a stronger psychedelic trip, geometric shapes and fractals often appear. Some say that geometry is sacred geometry because it is the building blocks of everything. How “sacred” this is remains an interpretation of the word sacred. What is certainly interesting is that during psychedelic sessions we see these forms with our eyes closed. So subconsciously we are looking for these building blocks of the universe. Furthermore, we too are built of these building blocks and this can also influence how we try to interpret the world at all.

5 is the magic number

For the number profiles and geometry-lovers, the number 5 is perhaps more important than thought. If your blood flows to the erogenous zones when you think of sacred geometry, numbers and mathematics then the following video is certainly interesting for you. Thanks to the number 5 and the shapes that go with it, namely the pentagon and pentagram, we can make patterns that never repeat themselves. Is this the secret of the universe and sacred geometry?

More information about hallucinations and geometry

We wrote earlier about psychedelic hallucinations and how it is possible to see a lot of geometry and fractals during a psychedelic trip. Would you like to learn more about this? Then read this blog about psychedelic hallucinations:

Psychedelic hallucinations explained

Also psilocybin has a pentagon (pentagon)

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Sacred geometry during magic truffle ceremony