Truffle ceremony in the Netherlands

Psilocybin containing magic truffles are legal in the Netherlands. By using magic truffles we can give you the same experience as a magic mushroom ceremony (both containing the same psychedelic compounds). What would be your reason to attend a psychedelic ceremony?

Truffles as therapy?

Most customers choose our ceremonies for a healing purpose. Trauma, depression, addiction and psychosomatic complaints are the most commonly mentioned complaints where a truffle ceremony is used as an aid. What restrictions would you like to let go of?

Truffles for Spirituality?

Spirituality and psychedelics go well together. Psilocybin can bring the (subconscious) faith/believe to the surface. Self-development and life goals are common themes. Who you really are deep inside is something that can come to light. What is your life path?

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Open group truffle ceremonies

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